Welcome to my blog.

I am new, and learning so please bare with me, and we can grow together.

I am a normal, everyday Australian mum. I work, have a blended family, a menagerie of pets and a busy life. I have my ” I can take on the world days and be the change” and I have my ” If one more person speaks to me I will scream’ days.

If you want to follow, and keep up with a normal house hold, complete with the good, the bad and the ugly, please join us.

I will also be giving tips on easy, quick environmentally friendly changes/products every household can use that won’t break the bank, and I will also be sharing child tested recipes our household love.

We also are a FIFO family, so somedays there might be someone reading that may relate to those struggles/perks I may with about that.

We have a pretty diverse lifestyle, so true to that I will have a pretty diverse blog.

So make a cuppa, get comfy and come join my world.

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I am a normal, every day Australian mum. We are a blended family raising 2 boys, a step daughter and a menagerie of pets. Our house hold is always busy, noisy , pretty much a semi hurricane. One of my aims is to bring to reality a normal family house hold… a household which isn’t picture perfect, isn’t all rainbows and lollypops and one that helps remove the extra stress of being the “perfect parent” society is creating and letting parents know, its ok to be normal, to have bad days, to not totally love everyone, everyday although you really want to. I want to help empower parents to find themselves again, amidst all the hurricane and be the best role model they can be for their child. To be a real reality, reducing societies pressure not only on themselves, but also their kids.

We also have everyday struggles of the FIFO life.

We are striving to run a practical, environmentally aware household, but not to the extreme. We still buy takeout and drink the odd beer. We are doing it in the easy, every family can do way without making drastic, time consuming changes. We are also doing it budget friendly (usually if you add the word “environmentally friendly” the product price increases dramatically.)

As a household we are also striving to be more community aware, and doing small things   for others without the need of reward. I believe these are great things you can teach your children that won’t cost an arm and a leg, teaches them to be selfless and also shows over time small acts of kindness or help can have big, positive impacts.

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